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Montessori school via phone

In the ongoing ups and downs of the Covid situation, schools in Mexico have again been closed to in-person learning so far this year. And again, the teachers at our Montessori school in Juarez have risen to the challenge and have come up with creative solutions.

Ivon teaching her students via her phone.

In the pictures you see Ivon in the classroom, teaching the students from her phone. Ivon and the other teachers prepare packets ahead of time for each student with the required material needed for each lesson. The parents come to the school to pick up the packets to take home for their kids to use. Ivon explains the lesson and material, then the parents help the child work on it at home.

“It’s complicated,” Ivon said. “It is very tiring for both the kids and for us – it’s not the same as being in the classroom together. And it’s hard on the parents especially.”

Many of the mothers work all day in the factories in Juarez and come home exhausted. “But they are making a big effort so that their children can continue their schooling.”

Our teachers, too, are doing an amazing job under these trying conditions – teaching via phones, preparing a lot of material in advance for each student to use at home, and all the challenges that distance learning brings.

The Secretary of Education in Mexico assesses the situation every two weeks about whether schools can open or not. We are hoping that they will open again soon, but in the meantime, our dedicated teachers are working hard to help our students get the best education they can in these uncertain times.


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