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Surviving a Heart Defect

Youth who survived a serious heart defect
Youth who survived a serious heart defect
Miguel Angel Perez, 15 years old.

Meet Miguel Angel Perez. He first came into our lives when he was a little baby. Born with a serious heart defect and abandoned by his mother because of it, Miguel Angel lay in intensive care dying. The doctors told his loving grandmother, “He is going to die. He is not strong enough to have the surgery he needs to survive.”

She came to us desperate, begging us to help him. Two of our volunteers went to the hospital and prayed for the tiny baby. “Lord, please heal this child. Have mercy on him,” they asked.

The Lord heard their prayer. Miguel Angel did not die. He gained enough strength and vitality to undergo the open-heart surgery he needed. We were able to find funding to pay for the surgery, and Miguel Angel survived and began to thrive. Later on, he underwent another surgery on his heart and did well after that one also.

Now enrolled in high school, Miguel Angel is a good and conscientious student. He goes for regular checkups for his heart and leads a full and active life. We know the Lord has a beautiful plan for him.


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