A Beautiful Wedding

Charlie and Yessica’s wedding

In July, our community had the great joy of celebrating the wedding of Charlie and Yessica, two young people who have grown up in and around our ministries. As a child, Yessica attended our kindergarten school at the Lord’s Food Bank, and later as a teen, was very involved in the youth ministry. She became a catechist helping teach her fellow youth who attended confirmation classes. As a 10-year-old, Charlie started coming to our catechism classes in a different part of the city of Juarez, participating in our soccer program. He also started volunteering as a teenager to teach other youth. When we offered scholarships for Montessori training, wanting to begin certified Montessori schools at both of our main centers in Juarez, these two signed up. They completed the training and graduated as certified Montessori educators.

Charlie and Yessica were part of the youth group that we took to World Youth Day in Panama in 2019. They had started dating by then, and their relationship and love for each other grew.

Charlie and Yessica with youth leader, Ramona, in Panama City for World Youth Day 2019.

Now they are working as full-time teachers at our Montessori school at our Las Alitas center in east Juarez. The community was delighted at the announcement of their engagement and rejoiced at their beautiful wedding.

Join us in praying for a happy married life for Charlie and Yessica and for God’s abundant blessings on this special couple and their families