Las Alitas


our goals

Connecting people to Jesus and to each other

On the eastside of Juarez, in Colonia Loma Blanca, we have another outreach base called Las Alitas (“the little wings”).  Here we work closely with the parish priest in the area to help provide catechism classes to prepare children for their First Communion and Confirmation. We also have Bible studies for the parents and marriage preparation classes. Groceries are distributed each week to those in need. We have a sports program and a playground and soccer field so that kids have a safe place to play.

Past Newsletters on Las Alitas

kids planting seeds in garden

Community Garden

We started a community garden on a piece of property next to the dining hall.  We built raised beds out of cinder block, filling them with compost, and planting the seeds. The kids help us in this endeavor. 

Trucks loaded up with the groceries arrived at our Las Alitas center in Juarez.

Food Distribution

Each week we distribute food to those most in need in this impoverished area of Juarez. The beans, potatoes, rice, vegetables and cooking oil we provide are a godsend to many. 

girls volleyball team

Sports Program

In our athletic programs, the youth learn good sportsmanship.  The discipline these kids are learning from being part of a team is helping equip them for the challenges of life. 

Empty dirt lot transformed into a soccer field