Rotary club in Juarez donates groceries

Trucks loaded up with the groceries arrived at our Las Alitas center in Juarez.

As life continues to unfold in this time of pandemic, we try to adapt and meet the needs of people who find themselves in ever-increasing difficulties. How to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads are two of the main challenges they share with us in this ongoing crisis.

The Lord keeps providing, though, in new and unexpected ways. We got a call last month from a Rotary club in Juarez saying they wanted to help. They collected non-perishable items like cereal, canned goods, flour, beans, cooking oil, etc. along with rolls of toilet paper and made up 200 bags to distribute. They contacted us to assist them in getting the supplies into the hands of people that could really use the boost.

People spread out for social distancing.

We picked a day and got the word out to the families in our surrounding area so they could come and pick up their sack. Everyone who came received this much-needed gift and were very grateful for it.

The Rotarians were happy to be of service to those in need and glad that everything worked out so smoothly and in a safe and orderly way.

God bless you!