Another healing through Fr. Rick’s intercession

Norma and Mike Reuter

Last month I shared with you a testimony from our archives from a woman who was healed of a serious heart complaint after Fr. Rick Thomas prayed with her over the phone. This month we want to share with you a more recent testimony from someone asking Fr. Thomas to pray for him to get well.

In February of last year, Mike Reuter came down with Covid. He had fever, aches, pain, weakness, and he lost his sense of smell and taste. He felt terrible and was anxious about how this illness would unfold, praying that it wouldn’t get worse.

“Every year on Fr. Rick’s birthday,” he said, “I ask him for a birthday present. I think of the Hobbits [J.R.R.Tolkien’s] and their custom of giving gifts to people on their birthdays instead of receiving them. So on Fr. Rick’s birthday, March 1st, in the midst of having Covid and feeling so bad, I prayed, ‘Father, I’m hurting and in pain. I’d like you to heal me of the fever, the aches, and the pains of this.’

“Instantly, the fevers, the aches, the pains all left. I mean, instantly! It was quick and dramatic. It was the day of his birthday, and he granted it.”

Mike said, “I often tell people to ask for a special grace or intention from Fr. Thomas on his birthday. He likes to give gifts on his birthday when we ask.”

His wife Norma shared, “I took this picture of Mike (to the left) after he got up during Covid. It was such a miracle. It was like watching Jesus heal Peter’s mother-in-law (Luke 4:38-39).”

You don’t have to wait until March 1st to ask Father Thomas for his intercession. We hear wonderful stories from people whose prayers to him were answered in marvelous ways. Give it a try.