Arts and Crafts for the Elderly

Two wonderful sisters, both single and never married, volunteer at our Food Bank in Juarez. They are humble servants ready to help in any way they can. One of the sisters, Agueda, had it in her heart to help the elderly. She told us, “Many older people are living in the area around the Food Bank who are lonely and neglected. I want to do something for them.” We encouraged her to reach out to them and gave her the use of one of the rooms off of the kitchen.

The seniors love being creative with the arts and crafts projects that Agueda plans.

Agueda got some art supplies and set up some tables. Then she spread the word in the neighborhood. On the first day, 12 seniors showed up. They were so happy to have a place to come to, an activity to do, and someone to talk to. The next week, double the number of older men and women arrived. Soon it was up to 40 folks.

Volunteers prepared a special festive meal for the group at Christmas.

As the numbers grew, we decided to serve lunch to the elderly who come. They get a nourishing meal, and even more importantly, they get to enjoy each other’s company, which brightens up their lives. “I love coming here,” said one woman. “It’s the best part of my week.”

Agueda is very content, too. “I found my place now,” she said, as she happily serves the often-forgotten elderly in our midst.    God bless you!