Children’s feeding program restarted

Dear Friend,

During the early days of the pandemic, we had to shut down our hot meal program for children in Juarez due to all the closures and restrictions that were implemented. This lasted for well over a year and was a source of sadness to us since these kids and their families counted on getting the good, nutritious lunch that we provided.

plates of food ready to be served
Lunches prepared and ready to be served to the children.

Thanks be to God, we were able to begin the hot meal program again a few months ago. To start with, we are feeding the children who are enrolled in our Montessori school near the Lord’s Food Bank. Our dedicated cooks gather in our commercial kitchen each weekday morning to begin prepping the meat, vegetables and fruit that will be served to the children that day. Around noontime, the volunteers fix the plates and then bring them to the children who eat the hot lunch at their desks. We are feeding 100 children this way.

We used to make these meals available to any child in need in the immediate neighborhood, and we hope to go back to that eventually. But with grocery prices so high right now, we are starting with our students and will expand the program as we have the means.

The cooks prepare a hearty entrée, usually with meat, often served with rice on the side and a fruit salad. The kids are always excited when lunchtime rolls around, and they tuck into their hot meal with gusto.

children eating lunch in the classroom
Lunchtime in one of the classrooms at our Montessori school in Juarez.