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Jose Miguel hit by truck

Poor Jose Miguel. He’s had it rough in life. After losing his left leg in a train accident many years ago, he got a job as a parquero – a person who parks cars and watches that they don’t get vandalized or stolen. He taught himself how to get around agilely in his wheelchair and eked out a living for himself that way.

The little house that we built for Jose Miguel.

When we first met Jose Miguel, he was living in a dilapidated shack and often went hungry. So we started bringing him groceries each week and put him on the waiting list for our house-building program. When it was his turn, our team built him a solid and secure little home that keeps him protected from the elements.

Jose Miguel, still recovering from being hit and run over by a truck.

Some weeks ago, we got word that Jose Miguel was in the hospital. While at his job parking cars, an irate driver in a pickup truck ran into him and knocked him down. Then the driver proceeded to drive over him and sped away. “He tried to kill me!” Jose told us. Thankfully, some eyewitnesses called 911 and he was taken to the hospital.

After a few days he was released and sent home, but his wounds and injuries still need attending to. We have a van outfitted with a lift for wheelchairs, so we go each week to pick up Jose Miguel and bring him to our medical clinic at the Lord’s Food Bank. There, our nurse, Yvonne, cleans and dresses his wounds.

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed by the challenges and trials that our brothers and sisters in Juarez face, but we try to at least bring a little comfort and help into their distress. Please say a prayer for Jose Miguel. And keep us in your prayers as we strive to bring hope and healing to those in desperate need. Thank you for making these ministries possible!


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