Maria Victoria’s Leg

05-2015 Luz and MariaLuz Maria Ledezma has more than a few challenges in her life as a widowed and single mom. Her husband was killed 3 years ago in the outbreak of violence in Juarez, Mexico, leaving her to raise and provide for their 4 children on her own. Not having more than a grade school education and with the high unemployment rate in the city, Luz works hours and hours on the international bridge washing windshields of the cars lined up to cross back into the United States, getting a few coins or a dollar from those willing to give her something. It is a daily struggle to eke out a living for her family, and we help by providing them with groceries and milk each week.


05-2015 Maria's legHowever a new and daunting crisis arose when she noticed  a black area on the right leg of her little 8 year old daughter, Maria Victoria. It started out as a few spots but has grown to cover most of her lower leg. Taking her to our medical clinic, the doctor told Luz that it was a very serious condition requiring surgery. They will have to remove all the diseased areas and then graft skin from another part of her body to cover the wounds. If they don’t do this surgery soon, Maria Victoria is in danger of losing her leg.

Knowing that the Lord hears the cry of the poor, we have assured Luz Maria that we will help her with the medical costs to get her daughter the surgery that she needs. Please say a prayer for a successful operation for Maria Victoria.