New Soccer Field for the Kids

Back in 2013, we built a soccer field at our eastside location in Juarez, Mexico, because we received a huge donation of artificial turf. It proved to be a huge boon in our outreach to at-risk youth in the area. So much good fruit has come from this sports program: kids grow in self-confidence, learn sportsmanship, and develop great character traits that come from discipline and belonging to a team. It provides a wholesome outlet for pent-up energy and keeps many of them out of trouble.

The soccer field at our eastside location.

We saw such wonderful results there that we really wanted to construct a field at our main Food Bank in central Juarez. The big problem was the cost. The vast majority of our donations go toward the basic services we provide, particularly feeding the hungry. We also have two medical clinics, a dental clinic, a scholarship program to help kids stay in school, and emergency aid for people in grave situations. So, the soccer field kept being put on the “someday” wish list as the other needs were much more urgent and pressing.

Thanks be to God, a generous benefactor came to visit us and heard about our soccer field dream. He took it upon himself to start raising funds for it, asking some of his friends and relatives to contribute. With this big boost, we got started on this dream project.

The new soccer field/sports area underway at our main Food Bank.

We cleared and leveled the land and built a cinder block wall with chain-link fencing around the perimeter. We also poured a concrete slab in a corner for a basketball court. Now, the only thing left is getting the artificial turf for the soccer portion. However, that comes at a hefty price of $30,000.

So, things are on hold until the Lord provides. But we are trusting in His divine providence, and the kids at the Food Bank are praying fervently. We’ll keep you posted.