We received the following testimony from a mom in Florida:

My son was struggling with beginning his life’s journey. A product of a divorce, he lost his scholarship to a state school because I had to move. He had no other plans than to join the service and become a corpsman. He knew in his heart he was put on this earth to be a “hero” to someone. Alas, the military did not accept him due to medical reasons. He was left without a focus and needless to say very discouraged. I encouraged him to attend a vocational college for medical assisting to refocus his life towards his true goal of nursing. At the end of his training he applied for two months straight for medical assisting jobs to no avail – not one single callback. One day a phone call with a high pressure salesman took him off his true path and offered him a job as a marketing agent. He felt terrible that he had been living off of my small one person income and needed to do something to help me pay the bills so he agreed to take the job. Needless to say I was disheartened and frustrated at the money and time he just put into moving forward into a medical field, just to throw it all away for the promise of a big check (to him). The next day I went to a teacher retreat at the Bethany Center where we focused on the wonderful work of Father Thomas and his Prayer for a Favor through intercession was presented to me on a prayer card. I am not a catholic, and I have lost my way a lot in my life – but for the first time I truly prayed hard for help – To guide my son and give him strength to find his way in his life – to help him see the error of his rash decision and find that calling that I know is in his heart. I went home and said nothing of it to my son, just encouraged him to do his best with this decision he had chosen.

phoneThe next day my son went to this “marketing” job for his first day of training. That night I asked him how it went. He told me that he couldn’t sleep the night before – tossing and turning about the rash decision he made to leave his calling in medicine. He went to the marketing job and told them he made the wrong decision and quit, that afternoon he received 5 calls for medical assisting interviews – one was for his dream job – because they will help him pay for a nursing degree.

I truly felt like my prayers had been answered…that God is supporting my son in his endeavors to serve others in the medical field and that the Prayer card gave me a strong connection to being heard.

This truly was a miracle, a tiny one in many standards, but great in the life of one person.

One day my son will be a nurse – giving comfort and will be instrumental in helping to heal many people – I owe it all to God and Father Rick Thomas.

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