A Spa Day for the Mothers

At our Montessori school in Juarez, we want to teach the children good values along with their academic studies. Our teachers think of very creative ways to give the kids opportunities to serve and care for others.

On Mother’s Day, they hosted a “spa day” for the moms of the students. The classroom was beautifully decorated, and the children dressed in white shirts and wore green bowties so they could look like waiters. They were so excited to welcome their moms and make them feel special and honored.

Each student gave his or her mother a facial and a little shoulder massage. Then the kids all worked together to make sandwiches catered to what each mom wanted. The children served the food and drinks while their moms sat at the tables and looked on in delight. 

It’s hard to say who enjoyed it more – the mothers or the children, but all who attended agreed it was a wonderful event.