A Scary Birth

This is Lizbet and her baby daughter Arleth. Arleth had a frightening entrance into the world but through faith and lots of people praying, she arrived safely. Here is their story.

Lizbet and her baby girl.

Near the end of the pregnancy, Lizbet started to feel weak. As she was standing at home, one of her legs doubled up beneath her and she collapsed in a heap. Her parents got her up and were taking her to the car so they could get her to the hospital when Lizbet started to go into convulsions.

They whisked her into the emergency room and took her vitals. Her blood pressure was extremely high and they diagnosed her with eclampsia. The doctor told Vero, Lizbet’s mom, “Prepare for the worst. We don’t think she or the baby will survive.”

Vero immediately got the word out to family and friends to pray. We started asking Fr. Rick Thomas to intercede for Lizbet and her baby. One lady prayed, “Be there with them, Father Thomas.” Right away she had the strong sense that he was already there in the hospital.

Preparing her for surgery, the nurse told Lizbet, “Fight hard because you and your baby are in grave danger.” Lizbet prayed, “Lord, my baby and I are in Your hands. Jesus, I trust in You.”

The medical team performed the emergency C-section. Out came baby and she appeared healthy and fine. Lizbet also came through the surgery well. The medical team watched carefully for complications but after several days, both mom and baby were released to go home.

At their first checkup, the doctor told Lizbet, “It’s a miracle. With blood pressure that high, usually the mom or the baby or both die. But both of you are perfect and doing great.” Thank you, Jesus!