Hungry and desperate

Last month I told you about the beautiful ministry we have at our center in Juarez helping mothers in crises. After I finished writing that newsletter, Angelica, who heads up the program, shared this story with us and I wanted to share it with you.

“One of the women we are now helping came to us in desperate need. She had been knocking on doors in her area asking for help because her family didn’t have anything to eat. She and her husband were out of work and they have 3 little children to feed, plus she was pregnant. No one offered her any help. Feeling great despair, she wanted to commit suicide.

“But thank God, she then came to the church where my husband and I attend. Hearing her story, the staff directed her to me. I took her to our center and right away we set about getting her food and supplies for her family.

“I drove her home with all the groceries, and I was dismayed at the state of her house. It was falling apart and didn’t even have a bathroom, only an outdoor latrine. I asked her, ‘How long has it been since you’ve had a shower?’ ‘Two months,’ she told me. So I loaded everyone up in my car and brought them to my house so that they could all have a shower.”

After the hot shower and a warm meal, hope started to once again fill the hearts of this couple. “You’re not alone,” we assured them. “We will help you get back on your feet again, with the help of God.” Seeing their young children, with bellies now full and happily running around and playing, the husband and wife relaxed a bit and smiled their thanks.

mom with children getting help
One of the women who came to us desperate and on the point of giving up. Thank God we were able to be there for her and her family in this time of great need.