Cataract surgeries for those in need

A good friend of ours in Juarez recently connected us with a non-profit organization in Mexico that helps people in need with free cataract surgeries. This clinic has eye doctors who volunteer to help uninsured or underinsured people who don’t have the resources to get their eyes cared for. The clinic said we could bring about 35 people to their clinic for an eye exam in groups of 12 to determine if a patient was a candidate for surgery.  

The people we brought to the clinic first were given an eye exam to see if they were a good candidate for cataract surgery.  

One of the men that we brought to the clinic had a very bad eye. He had been examined at his workplace, and the company clinic had told him, “It’s nothing serious – just an infection. It will clear up on its own.” But when he was examined at this eye clinic, the doctor told him, “You’re on the verge of losing your eyesight. It’s very urgent that you get operated on right away.” We brought him on a Tuesday, and they arranged for the surgery on Friday – that’s how urgent it was.

One of the groups waiting for their eye exams.  

After the surgery when they removed the bandages, he opened his eye and looked around. He exclaimed, “Now I can see! I can see! Before the surgery, I could hardly see anything. It was all dim and blurry. But now I can see clearly!” If we had not brought him to this clinic when we did, he might have lost his eyesight. We thank God that our friend introduced us to these fine medical professionals and that we have been able to bring some of our folks here to receive the eye care that they need. Thank you, Jesus!