Multiplication of school supplies

Each year as school is about to start in the fall, we put out a request for school supplies for the students of families helped through the Lord’s Food Bank in Juarez, Mexico. This year was no different, and we received some wonderful donations of pens, pencils, crayons, notebooks, binders, and paper.

Tury, one of our staff, went to pick up the donated boxes to bring them to the Food Bank. But we also have another ministry in a separate location to help pregnant women in crisis, and he knew that a few of those families were in need of help for their school-aged children. He called Ramona, who is in charge of the Food Bank, and asked, “Can I take a few of the supplies to that ministry? This is for only 4 or 5 kids and the rest I will take to the Food Bank. “Sure, that’s fine,” she said.

So Tury took the boxes inside the building where the pregnant women come to receive classes and help with diapers and formula. He got busy doing something else, and when he returned to get the boxes to take to the Food Bank, they were empty. The enthusiastic volunteers had taken out all of the school supplies and put them on the table to give to the moms who came that day, not just the ones with older kids. Tury thought, “Oh no! Those supplies were for the Food Bank families.” But he didn’t say anything, he just told himself, “I’m just going to say I’m sorry to Ramona because I didn’t explain well to the volunteers. It’s not their fault.”

He left to do some other work in the building, and when the ministry was over, he went back upstairs. The volunteers had put the leftover school supplies back into the boxes, and Tury was amazed to see that they were completely full! It was as if nothing had been given out at all. Tury said, “I’m amazed at God! It was my mistake, and they gave a LOT of school supplies out that day to all the mothers. But God multiplied the material and even though they gave a lot of supplies away, I was still able to bring full boxes to the Food Bank for the students there. Glory to God!!”

The moms in the program receiving the “unexpected” school supplies.