God’s Protection

Dear Friend,

I want to share a story with you about God’s protection.

Ford Escape car
The Ford Escape that the Lord miraculously kept together.

Five of the young adults from our ministries in Juarez were attending college to receive their training to become Montessori school teachers. Since it is not safe to be out on the streets of Juarez at night, and winter classes began and ended when it was still dark, one of our volunteers gave these students her old Ford Escape so they could commute back and forth to school together.

Many of the roads in Juarez are rough and unpaved, and it’s common to hit potholes and bounce around as one drives. After some months, the Escape developed a bad noise. We took it to our usual repair shop in El Paso, and they told us that the motor mounts were broken. They gave us an estimate on how much it would cost and told us it would take about 5 days to fix.

The day we went to pick it up, the mechanic said, “I want to ask you some questions. Who services this vehicle?” We hadn’t taken it to anyone but them. He went on, “Do you use this vehicle for the church?” We told him, “Yes. Some of the youth in our ministry use it to get to school every day in Juarez.” He explained, “It’s because I have never seen this before. There were no screws holding the engine to the car. It had no screws at all to support the motor. And to move it from here to there, it scared me because I heard the horrible noise it was making. I wondered how they were even able to drive. It’s not possible! The motor should have fallen out. And if it had, it would have been a disaster. I had to put new screws because there were none.”

“Now,” he concluded, “I believe that God protects you and was taking care of you.”

“Yes, He does!” we agreed. How much the Lord protects us, and we don’t even know it!

We pray that the Lord protect and bless you and all your loved ones in this New Year of 2022!