A very successful toy drive

The van filled with some Christmas presents that we were called to pick up.

In early December we held a toy drive, spreading the word and asking people to donate a new toy or gift for a child or teen. Usually the needy and underprivileged receive hand-me-downs and used items, but at Christmastime, we like to give brand new presents to celebrate the season and make it something special.

At first, we did not get many donations. But throughout that month we received phone calls from various civic groups and churches, and little by little the gifts started pouring in.

Some of the kids receiving their presents.

In fact, we got so many presents donated that we kept some over for January and the feast of Ephiphany. Traditionally in Mexico, the celebration of the Three Kings coming to visit the Holy Family is a day of gift-giving, following the example of the magi bringing gifts to the Christ child. So the generosity of people flowed over into making that day extra festive too.

Amidst an ongoing pandemic, much uncertainty and anxiety, and financial hardships facing these families, it was such a blessing to make the holiday season brighter and merrier for the children and youth that we serve.

The Better Business Bureau of El Paso donated pinatas for the kids to enjoy.

Thank you to all who helped us do that.

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Ellen Hogarty

Ellen Hogarty

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