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May 17, 2023

Truth Series #3 – Nathanael’s Example of Truthfulness

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Fr. Rick Thomas, S.J.
Fr. Rick Thomas, S.J.
Truth Series #3 - Nathanael's Example of Truthfulness

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Fr. Rick Thomas, S.J. Podcast

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Jesus said of Nathanael that he was without guile, someone “in whom there was no deceit.”

Nathanael filled his mind with truth; because of that, he could recognize right away that Jesus was the Messiah. Jesus promises him that he will have even greater revelations.

As we fill our minds with truth, we prepare ourselves to receive more and more of God’s truth and revelation.

If we build in falsehood, which is what the devil wants, it will collapse. It will not stand or endure.

“Blessed is the person in whose spirit there is no deceit.” Psalm 32:2


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  • Obadiah 15
  • John 1:43-51
  • John 7:40-52
  • Ps. 32:2
  • Mt. 28:1-8, 11-15